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ouat_stills's Journal

A Once Upon A Time Icon Contest Community
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About ouat_stills

{Once Upon A Time Stills}
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Welcome to ouat_stills

The stillness icon contest community dedicated to the tv series Once Upon A Time, and it's characters & actors.

Every week/fortnight there will be a new challenge entry posted with screen caps/links or a theme for you to make icons from/with. Icons are to be made by you that adhere to the following rules, and submitting to the challenge post as a comment before the given deadline. The challenge winners will be awarded with banners.

-You have to be a member in this community to submit icons. If you're not, your icons will NOT be included in the voting. Feel free to join here.

-You are NOT allowed to use animation in any shape or form. This is a stillness community. Therefore anything goes, but animation.

-Icons must fit the Live Journal standards: No bigger than 40 KB, in either JPG, GIF or PNG format. Any icon that does not meet these standards will be automatically disqualified.

-Icons MUST be made by you. Please don't ask other people to make entries for you and then post them as your own.

-You are allowed to submit up to FOUR icons, but it may change for certain challenges.

-Vote for THREE (3) icons, and either Best crop, Best colouring, or whatever is specified by a specific challenge.

-Please do NOT vote for yourself in the contest and do not ask anybody to vote for you. You have to be a MEMBER in this community to vote. Feel free to join here.

-The contest will be anonymous, so you may NOT use/post the icon(s) anywhere or show anyone the icon(s) you participate with, before the winners are announced. If we find out that you have posted your entries around before voting has finished, you will be disqualified.

-You may only use the pictures or caps provided for each challenge, unless otherwise stated

-Submit your icons in a comment (that will be screened) to the challenge post, including the image img src tag and the url as shown:


-Please DO NOT take any of the contest icons without the creator's permission. If you'd like to use an icon, leave a comment (preferably separate from your voting) in the voting post and the mod will alert the maker.

-If all the rules stated above are not followed the icon(s) will be disqualified. If you have any questions about any of these rules, comment on a mod post and a Mod will respond with the answers ASAP- we don't bite!


New Challenge: Saturday
End of Challenge: Friday 23.59 GMT+10 (Australian EST)
Voting: Will be up sometime Saturday/Sunday and voting will remain open for 4 days

How Voting is Weighed

First place vote -> 3 points
Second place vote -> 2 points
Third place vote -> 1 point



Founder: tubby2747
Mods: tubby2747
Banner Makers: tubby2747 theladymorgan starry_night

If you would like the be placed on rotation as a banner maker, have a question, or interested in being a co-mod, leave a comment here
If you have a suggestion/theme/idea for a future challenge, leave a comment in our suggestion box here


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